Educational Learning Flash Cards Machine


Kids Toddler 321 Pcs Double Sided Talking Sight Word Flash Card,Montessori Toys,Speech Therapy,Cognition, Expressions, Logic,Autism Sensory Toys,Learning Educational Gifts for Boys and Girls.

We are proud to present our new, interactive English language game - perfect for both native English speaking children, and children learning English as a foreign language. This portable, easy to use electronic game features the real voices of ‘Steve and Maggie’ from the popular YouTube series. Over 300 bright and colourful flashcards are included, covering topics such as the alphabet, English words and phrases, songs, stories and logic problems. The flashcards are inserted into the reader, and children respond to Steve and Maggie’s questions by pressing the correct button, or they repeat words and phrases from the card. A popular record feature is included, where children can record themselves whilst speaking and then listen to themselves on playback! This multifaceted educational tool not only enhances children’s listening, reading, speaking and comprehension skills, but above all it makes learning FUN!