Educational Play & Learn Pad


Introducing our fantastic, interactive Play and Learn Pad – featuring the real voices of ‘Steve and Maggie’ from the globally popular YouTube series. This educational smart toy encourages pre-schooler development in a fun and playful way. The colourful flashcards with their engaging and varied activities enhance children’s natural curiosity and evoke their inner motivation to learn.  The Play and Learn Pad not only enlarges children’s range of vocabulary, but through listening to the extensive variety of questions and prompts, it furthers their language skills in general. And in addition to language, the Play and Learn Pad develops a wide range of other essential skills, including problem solving, visual perception and number sense, as well as improving fine motor skills. This portable, attractive and easy-to-use smart toy is certain to appeal to all pre-schoolers, their teachers and parents alike!

Play & Learn Pad

Play and Learning